Winner of Soggy Doggy Doormat -- and Special Offer!

 |  Apr 19th 2011  |   0 Contributions

At long last we have a winner for the Soggy Doggy doormat giveaway! (Sorry for the delay. Internet overseas was not happening in the days before coming home.) The winner, chosen via from a whopping 245 entries, is Deb Searles. Here's what she wrote in the comment we randomly selected as the winner:

I have an akita/wolf mix -Keira- and she loves to lay on her mountains of snow and mud..we live in the woods of maine and altho it does somewhat dry possibly in july..most of the time we are in a clay heaven of mud when the snow meltsshe has her own towel by the door to scrub her off with when she comes in after the snow or rain but the paws are definitely a challenge.would love to have a soggy door mat to help a lil bit with the paw problem..

Congratulations, Deb! I spent part of my childhood in Maine and know what it's like this time of year! You will love your new mat.

Now for the special offer: The folks at Soggy Doggy are giving Dogsters who really want a Soggy Doggy doormat a nice deal: If you order a Soggy Doggy doormat between now and Friday evening, you'll get free shipping (as long as you live in the continental US). Just place your order on the Soggy Doggy site, and you'll be spared shipping charges during this period!


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