Winner of Eyenimal Collar Camera

 |  May 20th 2011  |   5 Contributions

We had big interest in our giveaway of the Dogtek Eyenimal doggy video camera. Maybe the video I took of Jake getting busted in the garbage inspired many of you to leave comments referring to sneaky things you'd like to catch your dog doing. One of my favorites:

"Luke: Are you still drinking out of the toilet when I'm not there to stop you? The lid is down, but the seat is suspiciously wet...Are you stealing the cat food or is the cat just that big of a piggy? And where, pray tell, did that half sack of apples ever end up?!?" wrote Niki Lou Who.

Some of you had practical reasons for wanting the camera, including finding out what food a dog is snatching that's wreaking havoc with his digestive system, or where a dog sneaks out of the fence.

It would have been very hard to choose a winner based on merit, but fortunately, this was a random drawing. We used to pick a winner from the qualified entries, and the winner is.......Gina!

Gina wrote:

"i want to know WHO IS BITING MY PURSE HANDLES!!! i never see it happen when im around. i think it must be while im at work! grr!! sneaky SNEAKY! i have my suspicions as to who is doing the biting, but i dont want to be wrong~ haha."

Gina, congratulations! You will soon get to the bottom of your purse problem. Please let us know who the guilty party turns out to be!


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