Winner of Dog Holiday Sweater

 |  Dec 19th 2011  |   6 Contributions

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That's me, modeling my holiday "sweater." Note my right ear. It's the one behind the red ear. Yes, Virginia, this "sweater" has ear holes.

Dogsters, Jake here again. Remember the fast-turnaround giveaway post we brought you last Thursday? It was for a doggy holiday sweater of a variety that fits your dog — either a nice, typically sweaterlike knit, or something like the "sweater" above. I ask you: Would you wear this to work? Then it's not a sweater! It's a costume that calls itself a sweater because it happens to be holiday themed.

But I digress.

Because of my giveaway post, I made the acquaintance of a few nice dogs with similar proclivities against wearing things like the "sweater" above. (Do you see what's going on with my ears, by the way? Yes, there are ear holes in this thing. Because it's not bad enough that I have fake red ears. I have to have my real ones sticking out in the unfortunate fashion you see above.) We now have a support group of sorts going on in the Comments area.

Good news, my support group dogs: None of you won. Yeah, the giveaway was about writing a comment about the PAWS video Maria posted. Since you were commenting with me, your people were not able to get onto the computer to go over and watch it and comment. Whew!

We drew the winner of the qualified entrants on the PAWS post and the giveaway post through, and it's someone named Ashley. Congratulations, Ashley! I noticed there was more than one Ashley (two separate e-mail and IP addresses so I know it's not the same one). The one who won wrote this:

"My favorite part of the video is just how caring the volunteers are. You can tell that they adore dogs and have their best interests at heart. I commend them for giving some doggies some love!!!!"

Yeah, Ashley, I like that part a lot too, especially since the volunteer on the left is my girl. You sound like a nice person, and I hope that you don't have a dog who only fits the Rudolph "sweater." If you do end up with this "sweater," maybe you could just have some human child wear it next Halloween instead.

If you insist on putting it on your dog, do me a favor and don't stick his ears through the ear holes unless he has sticky-uppy triangle ears that naturally poke through. And give him my phone number. I think I can help him cope.


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