Winner Most Embarrassing Story

 |  Dec 23rd 2008  |   14 Contributions

I want to thank all the Dogsters who entered the Share Your Embarrassing Pet Story contest. We had so many great entries, but with the help of a few Dogster staffers I picked one. Gonzo and his mom were chosen as the winner, congrats!

When my dear Angel Gonzo was just a pup (about eight months old) we were jogging in the park together. Evidently Gonzo got bored with just jogging, so he started trying to entice me to play. He started jumping up and nipping at me.

I had on a pair of loose-fitting jogging shorts that I had neglected to tie the drawstring on...Gonzo jumped up, grabbed my shorts in his mouth and when he came down, so did my shorts!!!

Of course, when you're jogging and your shorts are suddenly around your knees, you trip over them...not only were my shorts at my knees in the middle of the park, I was flat on my face with Gonzo jumping all around me pleased with himself! People passing me on the path were dying laughing at us.

That was probably my most embarrassing doggie moment so far!


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