Win a (Pretty Darn) Indestructible MuttMops Toy!

 |  Mar 28th 2011  |   227 Contributions

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Jake used one of his patented moves to undo the MuttMop. It had no effect.

When Jake received a colorful fleece MuttMops toy in the mail for review purposes, my first thought was, "Poor, poor MuttMop. Quick, run and go somewhere where you have a better chance at a longer life!" I figured it would just be another in a long line of great chew toys destroyed by Jake's powerful penchant for chewing.

But as you can see by the photos, the MuttMop survived. This is truly a first. Even Kong toys don't do well in the Jaws of Jake.

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Jake's famed strategic Pull move didn't faze the MuttMop either.

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Not even Jake's shake-it-'til-it-dies move worried the MuttMop.

We throw it for him, he catches it and noshes on it for a while, he plays tug-of-war with it with his dog pals, he even uses it as a pillow. The rubber ring that firmly holds these soft strips of polyester is pliable and flexible. It has been two weeks now, and all the fabric arms of the MuttMop are still attached, and Jake seems to be getting rather fond of it. He carries it around with him sometimes, and puts his head on it for naps. In the last few days, he has given up trying to tear it apart, and only snuggles with it. It's almost like a surrogate child. I guess he figures that if he can't beat it, he may as well nurture it.

If a MuttMops toy sounds like something your dog might enjoy (and your dog will enjoy it), here's a chance to win one!

MuttMops is offering one lucky Dogster reader their very own MuttMop. Just go to the MuttMops fabric-selection page and pick the fabric design you'd like if you win. Then write a comment that includes your choice, and a little about why your dog or you would enjoy a MuttMop. Enter by noon PST Monday, April 4. We'll do a random drawing of qualified entries and will announce the winner on April 6 or 7, depending on my wifi connection in Athens!


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