Win A Dog Toy Contest Ends Tomorrow

 |  Sep 28th 2009  |   0 Contributions

Just a quick reminder that you have until Tuesday, September 29th to enter to win a gift pack for your pup.

Wonky Bonkers_purpleDogToids are Ferociously Flavorful bite-sized treats, packaged in a convenient and stylish tin, that contain breath freshening ingredients and natural flavors so your pooch has fresh breath all day.

If your pooch is ready to play all day, Wonky Bonkers is the toy for you! These totally tough, yet fantastically floppy cats are made of heavy-duty canvas with a ball inside the head and body for wonky bonker fun!

After a long nap, your pooch will be ready for action! Rubber Neckers are the toy to get them into the playful spirit! These chewerific toys are outrageously fun and seriously strong! They make for a perfect tug-o-war toy!

Go to the ORIGINAL POST to get all the details and enter.


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