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William Wegman Turns His Camera to Greyhounds

The artist shoots the dog photos with fashion house Trussardi for a line of canine-themed ads.

 |  Jan 13th 2014  |   12 Contributions

William Wegman's famous photos of his Weimaraners remain one of the best ways to back yourself into the modern art world, because you're looking at dogs. They aren't Picasso dog hybrids or a Dali dog monsters, they're just dogs, adorable dogs, dogs you want to roll around the floor with and fling a tennis ball to.

As for why they're considered high art, well, why the hell shouldn't they be? You got a problem with Weimaraners or something? This concludes the art-theory portion of today's article. 

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Wegman isn't only about Weimaraners, though. Recently, luxury Italian fashion house Trussardi inquired whether Wegman might take a picture of another breed of dog -- a Greyhound. The dog is, after all, Trussardi's mascot. We can imagine the pause that took place on the phone as Wegman absorbed the question. It might have lasted minutes, hours, seasons. But finally he said, "Sure!" Or some such. We weren't there. It could have been done by email.  

Nonetheless, Wegman climbed abroad the Greyhound-Trussardi high-fashion wagon, and he composed a stunning line of ads for Trussardi's line of apparel and accessories, all featuring the noble Greyhound, according to Glamour

"I dedicate this project to the Greyhounds of Trussardi," Wegman said. "Mysteriously calm, wonderfully photogenic, and, most of all, incredibly elegant."

He is right. Get a load of the pictures:


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Crazy looking backpack:

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Shirt jacket thing, not entirely sure:

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Shiny shirt thing: 

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Sunglasses and wow: jacket:

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Do you love Wegman's Weimaraners? How did he do with these Greyhounds? Give us your best criticism in the comments. 

Via Glamour

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