Whooo'se Your Buddy?

 |  Jan 5th 2009  |   7 Contributions

Here's a cute story about two unlikely pals, opposites really do attract.

Beryl the Basset Hound, who is a grand old dame at 16 years old, and four-year-old tawny owl Wol struck up a friendship when their owner realised they both loved watching television in the evenings.

Sara Ross, who shares her home in Tenterden, Kent, with the animals said: "They are both rescue animals and they're like best buddies. Wol needs full-time care and one day I was giving him a bit of exercise and he just plonked down on Beryl's back. She doesn't mind, she's really laid back and a bit of a pussycat really.

These two even hang out and watch television together, they love nature documentaries. Could they be any cuter?

* Photo courtesy : KATHARYN BOUDET/KNP


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