When is a Fence Not a Fence?

 |  Nov 2nd 2010  |   42 Contributions

Traditional fences leave no doubt about boundaries. "Invisible" fences may leave room for questions.

A Dallas couple is very upset after one of their two springer spaniels was picked up by animal control for running loose. In reality, they say, the dogs were contained in their yard by an invisible fence, which provides an audible chirp when a dog is getting close, and a small shock if they get too close. Dale and Wendy Pannell say the dogs can't even be coaxed across the fence with their collars off.

A sign notifying people of the invisible fence stands in a fairy obvious place, but the Pannells think city officials may have missed it, and nabbed one of the dogs from their yard. The city says one of the animals didn't stay within the fence, but the Pannells, who got their dog back for $37, are contesting this.

Dogsters, do you use invisible fences? Have you run into problems like this?

Photo: Marimite Toasty


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