When Eagles Go Bad

 |  Aug 18th 2009  |   25 Contributions

I received a message from one of our Dogster members pertaining to Vick's new contract with the Eagles.

Many people are outraged by this decision but not sure how to make their voice heard. The message below provides information to help ensure the Eagles will know how the public feels.

Maybe it would put the matter in an easier to comprehend perspective for the general public if we replaced the term "dog fighting" with "pedophilia." Get it now, sports fans?

If you are as sick as I am about hearing from, reading and listening about Vick, and all the people blogging about Vick, and all the organizations jumping on the Vick bandwagon, please do something useful:

a) Let the corporate partners of the Eagles know that you not only are not going to support the team, you're also are not going to buy their products & services.

Be sure to copy your messages to the corporate partners, then paste and send to the team through their contact form.

b) I talked to the Eagles' front office today. They are preparing for "outrage." Call them at 215-463-2500, a human will take your call during business hours, and transfer you to a line they've set up to record you expressing yourself. (Please be civil. The person answering your call and tasked with listening to messages will not be Michael Vick.) I'm listing that as an option, but telling their corporate partners your opinion is going to be much more effective.

Despite if you believe he served his time and should be able to live his life, or that football players aren't role models, I still can't understand why the Eagles would want to associate with the kind of human being that would commit such despicable acts.

Now you have the contacts you need, there's no excuse to just talk about your outrage and not take action.


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