What's Your Doggie's Dynamics?

 |  Jun 13th 2005  |   0 Contributions

Wooooof! We just got to launch a fun new feature we’re really thrilled about. Now there are questions in your dog’s account page referring to diffenet traits and characterisics. You pick on a chart what they are and then we show the results on a nifty chart on your dogs page! Here’s my Sparky.

To set up one for each of your dogs go to My Account, the select ‘Edit any info for your dog.’ About halfway down the page you’ll see them in item #9.

We can’t wait until a bunch of doggies have entered their dynamics and we can search and compare and see who is who!

Big thanks to Tim Barkow of Thinkcorpsin Portland who designed the cool interface that shows your dog’s chart.


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