What Sport Is Your Pup Good At?

 |  May 29th 2009  |   11 Contributions

Dogster had a fun poll last week to find out what professional canine sports your pooch would be best at playing. As always, there were five choices to choose from. Stuffed toy shredding trumped the other choices coming in at 47.99%. We had over 1,500 Dogsters join in the poll.

Frisbee catching (10.70%)

Cat chasing (19.52%)

Stuffed toy shredding (47.99%)

Lawn decorating (9.92%)

Other sport (tell us!) (11.87%)

Our boy Bo fell into the "Other sport" category. Bo's best sport is begging, always has been and always will be. He has a master's degree in begging, he could teach the pups out there a few things.

Let's have some fun, we're putting 50 zealies on the table. Share what your dog's favorite sport is, any of the above or something unique. On Monday, June 1st I'll choose one lucky winner and reward them with 50 zealies.

This week's poll has to do with Michael Vick. He's out of prison and is asking for forgiveness. Should Vick be given a second chance? Go to the Dogster poll page to find out your choices and vote.

* Butter wants to know what you're looking at, cause if you didn't see it happen you can't prove who did it.


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