What NOT to do if Someone Doesn't Scoop the Poop

 |  Jan 22nd 2010  |   65 Contributions

692357-4-dog-no-poop-road-sign-1A couple of months ago I blogged about people who leave their dog poop in other people's garbage cans. Many Dogsters barked back and we all concluded that this just wasn't OK.

We also agreed that not scooping the poop at all is an even bigger problem.

It turns out that a 68-year-old Danish man concurs. In fact,he came up with a unique way to deal with the problem of unscooped poop earlier this week.

No, he didn't create a clever sign or a issue a friendly reminder. He took matters into his own hands, so to speak.

He picked up the poop and rubbed it into the hair of the dog's 41-year-old owner, according to a UPI story.

"He was really aggressive. He grabbed the woman by the hair, held on tight to her and rubbed the dog poop all over her head," a witness said in the article.

The woman, who was loaded with groceries, had apparently offered to go home and get a bag to clean it up. But the man was clearly beyond the snapping point. Police say he could be charged with violence or violations of public order laws.

So that's what not to do if someone doesn't scoop the poop.


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