West Virginia Shelter Clearing Complete Shelter in 1-2 Months, Hundreds of Dogs and Puppies to Be Euthanized

 |  Jun 30th 2007  |   6 Contributions

Jade Snoop

Anyone with any more information on this situation, please bark in! Can the authorities in Point Pleasant, West Virginia really be this unfeeling?

Thanks to the unflappable Jade Snoop for barking in this news.

The Mason County Animal Shelter in Point Pleasant, WV has been given 30-60 days by the county to clear their entire facility so they can start from scratch.

There are close to 300 dogs and puppies at this shelter and volunteers & workers have been fighting to keep all of these animals alive.

If you are a rescue who's able to help, or if you're someone who wants to adopt, please take a look at their website. It's updated almost every day, to try and help as many of these animals as possible.

Contact phone number: (304) 675-6458

Anyone wishing to make a donation to this shelter, may send them to:
Mason County Animal Shelter
RR 1, Box 946
Pt. Pleasant, WV 25550


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