Meet The Newest Dogster Stars

Seems we have another star in our midst here at Dogster!

Kelly A. Smith wrote:
Hi –
I just wanted to let you know that PeeWee Martini & Aunti Gigi have joined the Zippy family here on Dogster.

PeeWee is going to California for next week’s Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. He is the “Son of SAM”

I invite all Dogster & Catster Members to check out all his funny pictures on Dogster & Mama Zippy’s site. He’s adorable, and kind of funny looking to say the least 🙂 PeeWee’s Mom told me that People Magazine will be out there to take pictures & do some interviews! Yay!

Kristin & PeeWee are getting really excited about their trip and with a little luck, PeeWee Martini will take the crown 🙂

Hope to see you there!


Kelly & the Gang
in Sunny Southwest Florida
Naples –

Good luck to PeeWee and any other Dogster’s competing in this year’s contest!