Weigh In: Is this Police Dog too Thin?

 |  Nov 12th 2010  |   71 Contributions

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Gino last Saturday, with handler Officer Russell Weier (Photo: Sara Jones, North Texas Daily)

He sure looks it to me. But a veterinarian who examined the dog after a photographer from the North Texas Daily snapped this shot of him during a public demonstration says the dog is within normal weight range, according to NBC-Dallas Fort Worth.

Still, Denton, Texas, police Capt. Lenn Carter told NBC, "It was alarming to us also to see the photograph," and says the force is looking into why it took a photograph to notice the dog's condition.

Gino, an energetic 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, went to the veterinarian this week and got a clean bill of health, say police. He had last seen the vet in August, when he finished treatment for tapeworms. (Hmm, looks like a few could still be enjoying life inside Gino.)

Gino's handler, officer Russell Weier, says the vet told him Gino's high energy means he burns calories fast. He will be switching to a higher calorie diet soon.

Not everyone agrees with this veterinarian's assessment of Gino's normal weight.

If the next dog in the door is this dog, were going to figure out why hes so skinny, Denton veterinarian Granville C. Wright told the North Texas Daily. Thats just too skinny...He should be seen today, ASAP. Shouldve been seen yesterday.

I have treated a fair number of dogs that are law enforcement, and Ive never seen one that looks like that, Wright said. In fact, Im surprised they take him out in public.

In the video from NBC-DFW today, Gino doesn't look as emaciated (the intro shot is the one the photographer took Saturday, not an image from today's video), and sure seems to have plenty of bouncy energy. (If the video doesn't work, click here for a direct link.)

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcdfw.com/video.

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