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 |  Oct 30th 2009  |   5 Contributions

pets_main_tocI know many people have heard of WebMD, or even stopped by their site, it's a great place to get your health care questions answered. What you may not know, they now have a section devoted to pets. The WebMD Healthy Pets section covers everything from behavior to preventative care.

They also feature top stories, today's is about the controversy over pet vaccines.

WebMD Pet Health Feature by Bill Hendrick

Reviewed by Katherine Snyder, DVM, Dip ACVIM

Many pet owners and some animal scientists believe that we are over vaccinating our pets. They also think that some shots may be doing more harm than good. One type of cancer in cats, for example, is known to be caused by injections. In addition, vaccines can cause allergic reactions.

Because reports and rumors of side effects have become so widespread, pet owners increasingly are asking their vets about shots. Andy Smith, DVM, a long-time Atlanta veterinarian, says he has this conversation with a client twice a week. Its clear theres a lot of confusion and concern. So WebMD went to some top veterinary experts to find answers you can use in sorting out your own concerns.

Go visit WebMD to read the full article and find out why dogs need vaccines, if you should vaccinate, and can they cause cancer.

*Thanks Bella for barking this to me.


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