Warning to all Rescuers in South and North Carolina Area!

 |  Jan 25th 2007  |   1 Contribution


I know the original writer said this could have been a laboratory buyer but I think its much more likely the man was trying to buy bait dogs for fighting or for even more nefarious uses. If any Dogsters encounter this man, please bark in so we can keep track of his movements as much as possible.

I would also recommend anyone in the area to be even more alert for signs of dog fighting. The man was probably buying to resell. That suggests to me he already has a market.

Thanks to Dolly for posting this in the Pet-o-Nomics Group!


ALERT!! Laboratory Buyer possibly in Bluffton, SC, area

Crossposting from Lowcountry,SC Animal Rescue:
Saturday at the Pet Adoption Fair in Bluffton, SC a man tried to buy all of our animals. He flashed a roll of cash and said he would take them all. When I asked him which animal did he want he backed off and said he would take any of them. I told him "No" and asked him to leave which he did when he saw me open my cellphone to dial police.

He was Hispanic, early 30's, dressed in teeshirt and jeans, good command of English. He left in a white panel truck with North Carolina plates.


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