Want to Get More Involved on Dogster? Help Dogster Tuck Out As a Group Admin!

 |  Jan 20th 2008  |   0 Contributions


Have you ever barked to yourself that you'd like to get a little more involved with Dogster by being a group Admin? Here's your chance. Dogster Tuck is an Admin in several groups and he is calling for help.

And while we're talking about Admins -- big barks for all of you! Some spend more time and energy than others but all of you deserve a big barkout for making Dogster and Catster better for us all!

Hey Everyone!! I need SERIOUS HELP!!! I am doing REALLY BAD in taking care of my own group so I REALLY COULD USE THE HELP!! THE GROUP IS RESCUED PETS!!!!!!!!!! ALSO I NEED HELP IN MY OTHER GROUP, BEACH BUMS, AND MY OTHER GROUP PUPPY CUTIES!!! PLEASE if you have the heart in you to help me out by joining the group and if you could, then please, i need LOTS of admins to help me out!! THANKS!! If you can't help out then please REPOST!!! REPOST TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT WOULD BE INTERESTED!!! THANKS AGAIN!!

In Loving Memory,


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