Vote Victory To Ban Dog Racing!

 |  Nov 7th 2008  |   9 Contributions

Great news coming from Massachusetts, on November 4th a ban was passed on dog racing. A huge victory considering in 2000 a similar ban was defeated.

The Massachusetts ban on dog racing has been a long time coming-in 2000, a similar ballot measure was narrowly defeated, and attempts to get the question included on the 2006 ballot were unsuccessful.

With the ban's passage this week (57 percent to 43 percent), commercial dog racing will be phased out in Massachusetts by 2010. There are two dog tracks in the state-each of which is believed to currently house about 1,000 greyhounds.

Because the phase-out will occur over a period of 14 months, greyhound advocacy groups such as Grey2K USA are confident that they will be able to find homes for any racing dogs who become available for adoption.

This is fantastic news, it's about time. It once again goes to show that as dog lovers we need to stand together and make our voice heard. We will not be ignored, the people have spoken. Thanks Dogsters!


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