Voice 4 Dogs Speaks Out About Slaughter of Dogs and Cats in the Fur Trade

 |  Apr 25th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Think that soft fur on the jacket you bought with a "Made in China" tag is rabbit? You might want to think again. It could be dog or cat fur. That's right. It may say "rabbit" but it could be all dog.

Voice 4 Dogs is one group working to stop the institutionalized cruelty against dogs and cats in China and several other countries.

Voice 4 Dogs is a non-governmental organisation campaigning to end the exploitation and slaughter of cats and dogs for skin and fur products, by lobbying the Government and European Union, working with MEP's and helping and working with others in other EU countries that are working toward the same end, and raising public awareness.

Mission: to abolish the trade in cat and dog fur and skin products.

To urge Governments to encourage the Chinese Government to introduce an animal welfare law in its country, where none exits, so that animals have at least by law in China a right to be protected from cruelty.

Ultimately to get the export of dogs outlawed from Britain to China and certain Asian countries where they are subjected to the dog and cat fur trade and dog meat trades.

"This site is dedicated to all dogs and cats who suffer and die at the hands of those who carry out these evil acts, their cries have reached us."

I haven't posted any pictures from the site because they are pretty graphic. Unfortunately, the truth is sometimes not very pretty. That's the case with this issue.

If any of you dogsters are actively working to shut down this travesty, let me know and I'll pass it on.


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