Violent Murder of Manchester Yorkie Demands Punishment

 |  Apr 16th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Sadly enough, the States is not the only place with people evil enough to cruelly abuse and murder dogs. This time the report comes in from Manchester, England where a Yorkshire Terrier has been horribly murdered. This is the write-up on the Petition Site.

Inspector Vicki Mc Donald of the Manchester RSPCA needs your support on this heinous crime against a little innocent Yorkie so brutally mutilated and murdered, that words cannot even begin to describe the horror and suffering that this baby endured. She said: "Without doubt, this is the most disgusting act of animal cruelty that I've seen in the four years that I've been working as an RSPCA officer."

Therefore, we ask that you read and sign this petition requesting the RSPCA, in conjunction with law enforcement, to perform a rigorous search, apprehension, conviction of the person or persons responsible for this heinous crime.

It takes just a moment to sign this petition. The more of us who let the world know we are watching, the more likely it is that the sick fiend who did this will be brought to justice.

Thanks to Ellie in the Pet-O-Nomics group for sending this out.


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