Vietnam War Dogs

 |  May 31st 2007  |   4 Contributions


I know Memorial Day has passed but I just have to tell you about this excellent site! Vietnam War Dogs is a celebration of the valiant dogs who worked alongside their humans in the Vietnam War. It's also a great reminder that we as a society seem to have forgotten them and their sacrifices on humans' behalf.

If you're looking for information on dogs in war or just want to see photos I don't think you'll see elsewhere, check out Vietnam War Dogs.

Here's what the site says about its mission:

I started this site to educate the public about the plight of these forgotten heroes. They were a vital part of the war and they saved countless lives. Their story needed to be conveyed.

The foundation for this website was laid one night when I was watching the Discovery Channel. They showed a special on these dogs: "War Dogs: America's Forgotten Heroes." This documentary touched me deeply. My senior year of high school, we were offered a chance to take a course on the 60's. I decided that my final project in this class would be a report on the war dogs of Vietnam. My teacher and classmates were skeptical but the project was a great success. I gathered most of my information from the Discovery Channel documentary but I also spoke to some wonderful people who were handlers in Vietnam.


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