Video We Love: Jedi Dogs

 |  Sep 20th 2011  |   5 Contributions


Howdy, Dogsters! Today, our fearless blogger, Maria Goodavage, begins her month-long hiatus as she works her tail off to turn scores of notes from countless interviews into what is destined to be a fabulous book. (Ahem, I want a signed copy, Maria!)

We're a supportive bunch here at Dogster HQ, and myself and a few other guest writers will be filling in for her through October's end. But here's the funny part: It's Maria's first day of freedom from her bloggy duties but she can't quite stay away — the video above is one she sent me to share with you guys. She hearts you so!

If you love dogs and Star Wars, you'll get a kick out of this epic Jedi battle for a bone.



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