Video We Love: Did You Get the DNA Test Yet?

 |  Oct 30th 2011  |   29 Contributions

You know how it is when you first take your new shelter pup home and everybody you meet wants to (often annoyingly) weigh in on the breeds that might be coexisting within him?

I do, which is odd because my dog is plain old Italian Greyhound. Alas, Mox is so tall that people like to tell me he's got some Whippet or some other sighthound in him for sure. Their interest is nice, don't get me wrong, but it can get tedious when you run into five new people at the park and everybody asks you the same question. To their credit, no one has asked me if I've done that doggie DNA test yet.

The protagonist in this Funny or Die skit is not so fortunate. And when he finally caves in to peer pressure and orders the DNA kit for his mix, Rhythm, the results are nowhere near what he expected. Check it out:


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