"Vicious" Wiener Dog Faces Possible Euthanasia

 |  Feb 24th 2010  |   123 Contributions

Check out this video and let us -- and maybe the city of Lafayette, Colo. -- know what you think. Poor Spork! This is not OK. And we hate to see his kindly and badly hurting owners lose their life savings to save his life. His "crime" does not seem egregious enough to warrant a possible death sentence.

In case you'd like to let the Lafayette City Council know how you feel about this, here's a list of official city email addresses, which includes emails for the mayor and city council members. We're not sure if the City Council is the body that made the decision to overrule state law, but it's a good place to start. (City Attorney Dave Williamson might be the best place to start, but his email address is not listed here.) In case you want to picture the person you're writing to, here's a nice photo of everyone.

Standing from l. to r.: City Attorney Dave Williamson, Councilor Bensman, Mayor Pro Tem Ruggeri, Councilors Schatz and Phillips, City Administrator Gary Klaphake. Seated, l. to r.: Councilor Lupberger, Mayor Cameron, Councilor Cutler.

If you write, please try to be as even-keeled as possible, and present any facts you may have in your experience that could support Spork's case. If you're in the veterinary profession or a trainer, your words may be especially valuable.

This just in from Dogster reader Janine. There's now a petition to save Spork. Check it out here. And here's a link to a new Save Spork Facebook page.

We'll keep you posted...

Update 2/26/10: As promised, we're keeping you posted. Some new details on the case have just come out. Check out our update here.


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