Update: Three Of Toy Manchester Terriers Found

 |  Jul 16th 2008  |   1 Contribution

We just received an update on the story we posted on July 10th, concerning the six stolen Toy Manchester Terriers.

Last night one of Therese's friends received a phone call from someone that found a cage with 3 ''min pins'' on the side of the road in Sorel, Quebec (just south west of where they were taken!!). After confirmation, they are 3 of the missing TMTs! 2 older males and 1 older female.

This is fantastic news! Let's see if we can't help bring the other three home.

Linda Richard stated "I am home now at 9:50pm with my three stolen dogs. The Toy Manchester's were my old Man Goofy (10 1/2), Munster (7 1/2) and Female Trouble (5). They are happy to see me and kiss me. I will pray to get back my missing dogs: Lucas, Scarlett and the young Star. I will pray to see them too. THANKS ALL OF YOU AND ALL THE PEOPLE TO HELP ME"


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