Update: Stolen Pit Bull Euthanized

 |  May 17th 2010  |   40 Contributions

RIP, Max...

First reports are just coming in that Max, the pit bull whose owners stole him from doggy death row last week, is dead. Instead of waiting until Monday to pick him up in Reno and bring him back to Alameda, Calif., as was the announced plan, authorities apparently zipped up there over the weekend and brought him back on Saturday. They euthanized him immediately.

"Our intent has always been to follow the order of the court," Alameda police Lt. Sean Lynch told the Mercury-News. "There was no reason for a delay. It was also the humane thing to do."

Police say Max's owners, Richard Cochran and Melissa Perry, used bolt cutters to break into the shelter where Max was going to die later that day. They took him out of state, but the law quickly caught up with them in Reno.

Cochran is scheduled to appear in Alameda County Superior Court on Tuesday. He's up against burglary and conspiracy charges. Bail has been set at $40,000. Perry, who was arrested in Reno when authorities took Max, was relased at the scene, but is wanted on similar charges to Cochran, according to the Mercury-News.

The 3-year-old dog had bitten two people -- a vet tech, and a family friend -- in two separate incidents earlier this year.

Dogsters' comments on the original post have been overwhelmingly sympathetic with the couple's actions and with Max. It makes it harder to report this news.

RIP Max...


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