Update on Saxon, The Police Dog Threatened With Death after Honor

 |  Jul 29th 2006  |   11 Contributions


Saxon and his human

The N'Walins Gang barked in to let us all know we can support Saxon by signing his petition. If you missed his story, scroll down for the entire story.

Saxon is a 5 year old German Shepherd police dog with 4 years of distinguished service in the UK. there is a loving home with his handler where he could retire with the dignity and respect he deserves, but Saxon is at high risk of being destroyed only because his time of service is up. PLEASE help be the voice for this faithful canine.
see full story, links, and petition at this link.

Please add your signanture if you can to this petition. How bad a dog can Saxon be if his family wants to keep and love him for the rest of his life? Let's help them and him!

The N'Walins Gang

The N'Walins Gang


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