Update on Adopt 06 Stroll

 |  Jul 30th 2006  |   4 Contributions


Gibbon wrote:

Lucia and I wanted to give you an update on the donations made on behalf of our winners of the First Annual Adopt 06 Stroll and Contest. I have communicated with each winner and made donations to the organizations of their choice. As each pup was rescued, they all decided to donate to the organization that rescued them and found their forever loving homes. So wonderful to give back
to those that rescued them!

The names of the winners and links to the organizations that received the donations are below. Again, congratulations to all who won and those who entered! And the fact that donations were a result of this wonderful contest makes it even more special!

1st Place Winner Rajah Q.
$20.00 to The Humane Society of Clark County

2nd Place Winner Kasey
$15.00 to The Humane Society for Campbell County

Mister T., Third Place Winner
$10.00 to Adopt-A-BuddyPug Rescue

Gracie Jane
$10.00 to STARS (Save the Animals Rescue Society)

And thank Joy for the wonderful Blog!

xoxo Gibbon

Thank you Gibbon for reporting the donations back to the blog!


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