Update: Minn. Woman Won't Get Her Priority Mail Puppy Back

 |  Feb 8th 2011  |   11 Contributions

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This pup was not mailed. He just looks cute in a box.

A Minnesota judge yesterday called the attempted mailing of a puppy in a Priority Mail package "disgraceful" and refused to return the pup to the woman who mailed him.

Stacey Champion had tried to mail a 4-month-old poodle-Schnauzer mix to her 11-year-old son in Atlanta. As Dogster reported last week, astute postal workers eventually realized what was in the box, and released the pup, who had no food or water. Air holes in the box, which was covered with fake money, were covered with sealing tape. If the pup didn't suffocate or die of thirst, hunger, or being knocked around during his 2+ day journey, he would surely have frozen to death in the subzero temps of the plane's cargo hold.

The administrative hearing judge wouldn't even let Champion take the box home.

The puppy will likely soon go up for adoption. As for Champion, she's still facing animal cruelty charges.

Minneapolis Woman Loses Custody of Dog She Tried to Mail: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com


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