University to Use "Puppy Therapy" to Relieve Stress of Finals

 |  Dec 4th 2009  |   14 Contributions


Students at Chapman University will have some cuddly canines to help them cope with the stress of finals this month. The Orange County, Calif., school's Active Minds Club has put together a little something called "Furry Friends for Finals." The hope is that the pups will help students de-stress.

The puppies will be stationed outside the university library, hoping to do their part to help the students survive in the middle of cram week, according to the LA Times.

It's a brilliant idea -- one I could have really used at Northwestern U. And it's a win-win, especially if shelter dogs or dogs in need of foster homes could be used. (Not for adoption purposes, but just to get them out of shelters and into loving hands for an afternoon.) I hope more colleges and dog people can get together to create a program like this.

The dogs don't need to be puppies to be therapeutic. They just have to be their good old doggy selves, and they'll be better than almost any stress therapy money can buy.


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