UK Woofers Group Raises Funds for DogsTrust

 |  Jan 10th 2008  |   2 Contributions


Don't you love Dogsters and Catsters!?!?! Just look at the UK Woofers Group! Caffrey barked in to let us all know about this fabulous Dogster group and what they've had their paws into.

I wanted to send a big woof out to you about my group, UK Woofers, and let everypup know what a caring bunch of pups they are!

During October we were all busy finding the pawfect pictures for being stars of our own 2008 Calendar. The aim of the calendar was to raise money for dogs that are less fortunate than ourselves who are in the care of the DogsTrust. The DogsTrust is a wonderful charity which believes no healthy dog should ever be destroyed and that every dog should have a chance to lead a happy and healthy life in a loving home. A deserving charity - don't you agree?

It is a pleasure to be able to share with all of dogster that UK Woofers, through the calendar, have raised 105!!! That 105 is going to help those poor doggies so much whilst they await a loving, forever home. I pray that after Christmas they will all find the pawfect family and be as happy and well loved as we all are here at Dogster! When I think of all those lonely dogs it makes me realise just how lucky I am, I have been surrounded by love ever since I was tiny.

I can't express how proud I am of my group, UK Woofers. They're a real a bunch of stars - each and everyone of them who has made a Donation to the Dogs Trust.

Once we started the calendar, we had pups coming up with lots more ideas on how we could fundraise for the DogsTrust and, as result of this we may be having a UK Woofers sponsored walk during 2008. Wouldn't that be pawsome!?!


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