UK Home Plea For Saddam Son's Dog

 |  Jul 30th 2006  |   1 Contribution

The Sunday Mail reports that a dog who once belonged to one of the world's most infamous family's is looking for a new home.

A dog once owned by Saddam Hussein's son needs a home in the UK.

An ex-soldier claims the Great Dane he saved from being stoned to death in Iraq was evil Uday's.

Security consultant Willem van der Waal paid 1000 to stop the dog being killed near a former presidential palace in Amadya.

He bribed officials to get Rocky into Turkey then on a flight to the UK.

Willem said: "I knew Rocky wouldn't survive if he stayed in Iraq so I decided to do a deal with the owner.

"The man then said that he had belonged to Uday, who was well known for keeping Great Danes and other animals.

"I just had to get Rocky back home to the UK."

Rocky has spent six months in quarantine as he did not have the right rabies jabs. Willem said: "I am going back to Iraq. Rocky needs someone to look after him."

Rapist, torturer and murderer Uday was shot dead with his brother, Qusay, by the Americans in July 2003.


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