Ugandan Police Dogs Sniff Out Thief

 |  May 11th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Police officials and a thief in Uganda learn to never Underestimate the nose of a police dog. This story was recently published by Reuters on Yahoo News.

KAMPALA (Reuters) - Ugandan police dogs on the trail of a thief sniffed out an unlikely suspect -- a born-again preacher -- who was promptly arrested for robbing a remote village shop, a state-owned newspaper reported on Saturday.

Curious onlookers gathered as detectives released the dogs following a break-in at Igwaya village, in central Uganda.

The shocked residents watched as the dogs raced to a nearby shop owned by Pastor Livingstone Isanga, head of the local Redeemed Christian Church.

Hidden behind the counter were the stolen goods -- mostly bags of sugar and packets of bicycle spokes, New Vision said.

Local police chief Bruhan Mugido said the preacher would be prosecuted as soon as investigations were complete.


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