UAN Animal Watch Grant Program Funds Groups Dealing With Animal Emergencies

 |  May 4th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Is your organization faced with an unusual crisis involving animals? If so, you might want to check out the UAN Animal Watch Grant Program. Dogs, cats, buffaloes, goats and more, the UAN has helped many groups working with many types of animal welfare cases.

UAN's Animal Watch Grants Save Lives!
We have been happy to issue $300-2,500 grants to deserving grassroots animal welfare organizations who have jumped in to assist with an animal emergency involving a group of animals. Examples of recent grant recipients are described briefly below.

    Transport of two tiger cubs saved from a corrupted "sanctuary" to their new home at a sanctuary.
    Relocation of 250 feral goats from an overpopulated island.
    Veterinary treatment for thirty-seven parrots seized in an animal cruelty case.
    Airfare for a veterinarian who volunteered to assist with neutering 130 rescued pot bellied pigs.
    Relocation of 150 buffalo to a protected reservation.
    Veterinary medical assistance for 90 dogs abandoned in the desert.
    Veterinary medical assistance for 105 cats taken in from an animal hoarding case.
    Transportation assistance to move an at-risk colony of 600 feral cats to a safe and permanent location.

Feral Goats on Catalina Island
Purpose. UAN's Animal Watch grants are intend to serve a group of animals in an emergency situation, where immediate intervention is necessary; enabling grassroots or rescue groups to access money they need to act quickly and ensure safe and loving lifetime care for all the animals involved.

Scope. UAN's Animal Watch grants are national in scope and we are particularly interested in funding more projects outside our home state of California. The ideal project will also receive funding from other organizations to assist with their efforts (e.g., UAN's grant will be combined with funding from other organizations or individuals to make the project successful).


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