Two Taglines for ASPCA Stroll

 |  Apr 6th 2006  |   2 Contributions


Dogsters are SOOOO excited about the ASPCA's 140th Birthday there are actually TWO strolls!!!! I have to apologize to Meatball for not mentioning the one he talks about below.

Hi Joy :)

I'm Meatball. The slightly crazy Boxer boy that started the Go orange for animals photo stroll/contest.

Mom finally had the chance to read some of the blog to me last night & we noticed that you mentioned the stroll. If by chance you were referring to the one I started and will be judging on the 11th, the photo tag was stated incorrectly. Perhaps there is a seperate stroll that I am not aware of? Just so you know, the tag for my contest should be " Go orange for animals". As of last night there were 123 photos under that tag and 146 under " Go orange". I'd hate to see those 23 woofs miss out by having the wrong tag.

Nice to meet you !!
~Meaty & the pack~

PS: Lovin' the blog !

Thank you for writing in Meatball and letting me know about the other stroll. Dogsters are so busy I have trouble keeping up so please let me know if I'm missing something or there's something I should see. Also thanks for being so active on Dogster! I love hearing from you!

Meanwhile Dogsters have two great ASPCA strolls to visit!

Happy Barks!


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