Two Lost Boys Found With Dog Rocco After Night in Oregon Woods

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Has anybody lined up the writer to write this book and/or screenplay? Way to go Rocco!!!! This story was on the Seattle Times site.


The Associated Press

PORTLAND Two little boys who spent the night lost in the woods with their dog were found Tuesday in good shape.

The brothers Ethan Martin, 4, and Atticus Martin, 5 disappeared into the woods Monday morning at a family homestead in Clatsop County where the Portland family had been vacationing.

After getting lost, the boys spent the night on the side of the road. They told their parents that their dog, a 10-month-old Labrador retriever named Rocco, circled them during the evening to protect them.

Rescue workers found the boys and the dog on a side road about three miles from the house more than 24 hours after they disappeared.

The Clatsop County sheriff's office reported the boys were a little muddy, thirsty and tired after their return. Andrea Kennet, spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, said the boys were in good spirits.

The boys said they knew they were lost and were trying to find their way home. When rescue workers found them, the boys were collecting wildflowers to give to their mom.

"This was the absolute best outcome," Kennet said. "Everyone from family to searchers were elated."

About 90 people, search dogs and a helicopter from the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Astoria looked for the youngsters.

The farm east of Astoria is covered with several acres of dense forest, thick underbrush and gullies, swamps and ponds. But searchers said they were optimistic.

The children were sent to Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria for observation.

The parents, Christopher and Dawn Martin, said the boys are prone to running off.

"They know very much not to do it," their mother said. "But they are curious."

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What smart kids (other than that wandering off part, of course)! What a great dog!


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