Two-Legged Missouri Maltese Puppy Needs Help

 |  Jul 9th 2007  |   12 Contributions


Jacquie barked in looking for help for a special little Maltese puppy who needs extra help. She was born without her front two legs.

Besides hoping someone can help this little furbaby, may I also suggest that this breeder IMMEDIATELY spay ALL their dogs? This "breeder" obviously is NOT a responsible breeder (this is a rare genetic condition that happens when the dogs have been bred irresponsibly). They need to avoid breeding any more dogs until they can do it correctly.

Jacquie S wrote:

Dear Joy,

I just received an e-mail from Small Paws Rescue, the largest Bichon rescue effort in the US. They are looking for anyone who can help Hope, a newborn maltese puppy who was born with no front legs. I know there are people out there who are especially able to work with dogs with this type of need.

Here is the text of the Small Paws e-mail regarding little Hope.

Dear Small Pawsers,

Is there anyone out there who knows of a Maltese rescue group or Special Needs rescue group/person who can possibly take this little Maltese baby?

She was born with no front legs.

From Susan Sebring,, the Co-Founder of Small Paws, and one very special lady!

"Here is the story:

A "registered" Maltese had a litter four weeks ago near Blue Springs, Mo. (This is near the Kansas City area. The husband is wanting the pup put down. The sister-in-law and the woman who called would like to find a home for it.

Do you know of anyone who might want to take this pup on? I've found articles about several pups who have learned to walk on their back legs and some research on a special vest with a wheel to help them get around.

I'm trying to find a vest to protect her chest.


The owner has agreed to let little Hope stay with her Mama until she is 8 weeks old, but they need to have a home lined up before that time is here.

If you can help this little girl, please contact Susan Sebring at

Joy, I was wondering if you know of someone who might be able to help this little girl. Maybe a mention in your blog could get the attention of the special person that Hope needs??

Thank you,
Jacquie S.


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