Tuesday Tortoise Madness

 |  Mar 30th 2010  |   5 Contributions

If Aesop had seen these tortoises in action, he may have thought twice before pitting the hare against these speed demons. The one above is like a relentless army tank. The tortoises in the videos below are smaller, but just as quick and persistent.

I have an acquaintance who has a tortoise and a dog, and when the tortoise gets bored, he likes to go hang with the dog. At first I thought her tortoise was setting off to bite her dog, but she assured me he just likes chilling with him. She was right. Once he got to his doggy destination, the tortoise just hung around the dog, and even nuzzled into him while the dog slept.

I'm not so sure that's the motive of the tortoises in the videos above or below, though. These guys look more like they're protecting their territory, or showing a little Testudine bravado, as one videographer noted. Fortunately no animals were bitten, and we can just look at this rapid reptiles with a new respect for their RPMs.


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