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This is one of the most adorable animals I’ve ever seen. I present this video on Dogster for two reasons: 1) Because although this animal is a slow loris, and not a dog, I think Dogsters can all identify with scratching the tummies of cute, furry creatures 2) There is no “slow loris-ter,” so where else are we going to show it?

Click here for more information about the slow loris. I realize it may seem odd to have what is usually a wild creature in captivity, as this one is, but according to information from the slow loris’ owners, it is legal to own them in their country (Russia). This too-cute creature, named Sonya, was apparently born in a loris nursery.

I have just watched this video several times, and since I have no slow loris in my house, I will now go scratch Jake on his belly. He’s cute, for sure, but just between you and me, he’s not exactly a Sonya…