Toothy Dog Contest Winners!

 |  Mar 26th 2010  |   5 Contributions


Click Jake's photo to see him talk with his new "nerd" mouth on the Pedigree contest website



Remember the toothy dog contest we announced on March 10? We are finally announcing the winners! (Better late than never.) The following Dogsters who wrote the word "smile" in a comment under the post were drawn at random:

Scrappy-doo, Samson, Pennie, George, Annie and Professional Dog Trainer Mom, and Alexandria. Congratulations! You will each receive a doggy dental gift bag containing Pedigree Dentastix chew toys, a doggy dental tool kit (complete with toothbrushes and toothpaste), and a fun toy. I'll be emailing each of you soon to get the address where Pedigree can mail your prizes. Hope that puts smiles on your snouts! And thanks to everyone who entered. That was fun. :)


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