Today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day

 |  Sep 15th 2007  |   4 Contributions


Happy Puppy Mill Awareness Day! Of course, the only way to have a really happy Puppy Mill Awareness day would be if puppy mills were only a memory. Let's keep up the pressure across North America and that great day could happen in our lifetimes.

If you want to read about the ups and downs of the fight against puppy mills, check out the previous posts on this subject by clicking on the "Puppy Mills" link under Categories on the right.

Lots of other blogs are talking about what this day means. One of those is barked by Johann the Dog. Thanks to Clare at Dog Topics for barking in about today and Johann's post.

This Saturday is Puppy Mill Awareness Day. Throughout the World there are thousands and thousands of breeding facilities that produce puppies in incredibly large numbers, with the sole purpose of selling these pups to the public through the Internet and newspaper ads, at auctions, or to brokers and pet shops.

The problems with puppy mills are the extensive over- and in-breeding of these poor pups, the lack of medical care, poor food and shelter, overcrowding and sometimes killing of unwanted animals. There is much suffering occurring in these horrible places, and the suffering often continues outside through inherited genetic diseases, illnesses and afflictions.

So much needs to happen to stop this cruel practice. What can you do right now?

Follow this link to read the rest of Johann's post.


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