To Tie or Not to Tie

 |  Apr 16th 2009  |   10 Contributions

In Forsyth County, GA there is a public hearing scheduled concerning a possible ordinance to restrict chaining or tethering pets. In nearby Fulton County a similar ordinance was recently passed and takes effect in September.

Donna Cory, a resident of south Forsyth County, loves dogs but not plans to restrict tethering.

"I feel this ordinance goes way too far," she said.

"Irresponsible pet owners that leave animals tethered for hours or days at a time should be punished and forbidden to ever own pets again.

But to classify a valid tool for pet safety as a criminal offense for almost any use is ridiculous."

Cory said she tethers sparingly, when 11-year-old Cissy, her bearded mixed collie, has those 2 a.m. nature calls or wants to laze in the sunshine. "I do not have a fence and cannot add an inexpensive fence due to neighborhood restrictions," she said.

County commissioners in Forsyth plan to seek public comments on the anti-tethering rule at a hearing May 7, but have said they may be doing down-to-the wire rewrites.

The current draft would limit the use of a tether or other restraint to no more than three hours, and only when the owner or someone else is present.

It sets up criteria for meeting a dog's basic needs, spelling out, for example, that garbage or spoiled, rancid or contaminated food are not adequate food.

It also makes violators subject to a fine up to $1,000 and 12 months in jail.

Cory does make an interesting point. If someone ties their dog out for 20 minutes will they be arrested? How do you penalize those that tie their dogs up 24/7 without adequate shelter and protect the rights of good pet owners?

What do you think about the proposed ordinance? Give me a bark.

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