Guest Tipster This Week: CJ Betancourt, MD

 |  May 19th 2009  |   0 Contributions

Dr. CJ Betancourt is joining us to share some of her great dog tips with us this week on The Daily Dog Tip, the Dogster blog that serves up a juicy tidbit of canine information every weekday. Having CJ on board this week and joining our team of talented pet experts is a real honor. We can't wait to see what else she's got in store for us this week. She's out of the blocks with two great tips already - you can see them here and here.

More about Dr. Betancourt, Executive Director of The Foundation for Service Dog Support: CJ Betancourt is a retired physician and a service dog team member. She has lived with physical disabilities since 1973. She has 34 years of experience in the medical field including the practice of medicine, medical directorship, research, statistical analysis, database design and education. She also reads Braille and is the Foundation's Braille material editor. CJ is actively involved in setting up the Puppy Raising and Canine Safety Programs.

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