Three Dogs Save Indian Newborn

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Frankly, I'm getting tired of hearing every dog attack heralded about by the media as if it were a daily occurance in every community. I'm sorry for the victims of dog attacks but how about more reporting of the stories like this one from Let's get real. Dogs saving humans is MUCH MORE common than the occasional dog attack.

TUMKUR: Even as stray dogs mauled two children to death in Bangalore recently, three dogs saved the life of a deserted new-born baby in Devarayanadurga reserve forests three days ago.

An unmarried girl of Aregujjanahalli village conceived following an affair with a daily wage worker attached to the forests department. As he rejected her requests to marry her, she decided to conceal it fearing social stigma and deliver in the forest.

Three dogs from the village followed her and another caretaker to the forests on Tuesday. She delivered a baby boy by evening.

Both she and her caretaker later left the scene, deserting the baby.

Interestingly, the dogs stayed back and guarded the baby overnight from possible attack of animals. Next morning, the dogs barked and caught the attention of a man who had been to the forests to pick tamarind fruits.

He was surprised to see the three dogs guarding the baby like soldiers. He picked up the baby and brought it to the village. He got another woman to feed the baby for a day and successfully found out his real mother.

The sobbing mother was happy to receive her baby. She explained that she had to desert the baby fearing social stigma and the wrath of the villagers.

The villagers had promised to get her married to the man who impregnated her and are on the lookout for him. Meanwhile, they patted the dogs profusely for saving a human life.


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