This Ain't No Freak Show

 |  Jul 21st 2009  |   12 Contributions

Thanks to Allyson Siegel who ponied up $4000 a five-legged chihuahua won't be headed to live out her life in a freak show.

Last week she outbid a Coney Island freak show operator who wanted to buy the puppy.

Allyson Siegel, 45, of Charlotte, N.C., was stunned to learn that little Precious, a Chihuahua-terrier mix, was bound for a Brooklyn freak show, so she called the dog's owner, Calvin Owensby, and offered him more bones.

"I called Calvin and I said, 'I understand this is about money,' and I just said, 'How much,'" Siegel told the Daily News yesterday.

"She is beautiful, she's not a freak, she's a normal little puppy dog and she should be just like all the others," Siegel said.

Precious was born with a fifth leg protruding from her stomach, between her hind legs. The extra leg has six toes.

John Strong, the freak show proprietor in Coney Island, had already offered Owensby $3,000 and sent a $1,000 down payment, but Siegel convinced him to back out and sell her the puppy for $4,000.

"[Precious] wasn't a freak, she was just a dog born with five legs," Owensby told the Daily News. "My girlfriend decided she didn't want to see her in a freak show."

A Manhattan vet was so touched by Siegel's actions that he offered to remove the dog's extra leg for free. Siegel had checked with a local vet but they wanted $2,000 to remove the extra leg.

* Pic courtesy SINER/AP


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