The Thousand Pug Tribute

 |  Jun 3rd 2006  |   4 Contributions

Winston in flowers

The Pug Pants Gang wrote in to let us all know about an important event and a very special Dogster.

The Thousand Pug Tribute

I wanted to let you know about an important event in the world of For the Love of Pugs dogster group this week. Sharon, Winston the Pug's mom, is retiring as one of our co-founding administrators of our thriving group. In their honor, we are dedicating a Thousand Pug Tribute to her and her Winston for all
the hard work she has put into the group since groups began for Dogster.

Sharon helped us grow to one of the first 1000-member groups on Dogster, and we are still racing along at a rapid pugtona clip! She helped create and coordinate popular events such as the Featured Pug awards, Hat Contests, Mothers Day contests, Messy Face contests, and so many other activities we can hardly countthem on one pug's toes. Sharons passion and dedication have made us one of
the happiest dogster families around.

Flying WInston
We hope you have room to feature Sharon and Winston and mention our Thousand Pug Tribute. We've asked all of our 1000-plus members to post a note to send her off in grand style, as she pursues a bit more time with family and gets to enjoy just being a member for a change!

For the Love of Pugs is open to all kinds of fur-friends, for Pugs and those who love them, whether they are Pugs or other breeds. Just like the Pugs we love, we are all-inclusive!

With juicy snorts,
Winnifred Wigglepants,
Howard Pee Pugpants and
Java Musclepants

Congratulations Winston and Sharon for having such great Puggy friends and for having such a successful Group! And a big THANK YOU Sharon for making Dogster better and happier for everyone!


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