The Sheep Who Thinks She is a Dog

 |  Jun 8th 2006  |   3 Contributions

Rolo jumps through hoops

You have to see these pictures to really believe this story from the BBC News.

A sheep rescued from death as a lamb and brought up with collies has grown up believing she is a dog, according to her owner. Rolo - named after her favourite sweets - competes with sheepdogs to jump through hoops, walks on a lead and herds ducks at her Gwynedd home.

Owner Emlyn Roberts says Rolo likes nothing more than watching football on TV after calling up for her food.

Rolo spent her first year with dogs Mr Roberts trains for agility contests.

Mr Roberts, a regular at Crufts, is convinced that Rolo is more intelligent than the average sheep, and that she picked up tricks from watching him train his sheepdogs.

A bond has forged between the owner and sheep after he rescued Rolo from a farm near Caernarfon last year.

"Everyone thought the lamb had died but I looked and was sure she hadn't," he said. "I knew there was still some breath left in her so I suggested taking her home and looking after her."

Mr Roberts said he was unsure how his dogs - among them quad bike riding sheepdog Nell - would react to her, but he said they were not at all bothered.

Rolo enjoys watching the television, especially football. "She comes to the house to be fed and to watch the television," he added. "She comes in dead on time every day and knocks the door with her head if I've forgotten," he added.

"She is growing up exactly like a dog. You can tell she thinks of herself as a dog."

Once her dinner is finished, Rolo will then sit with Mr Roberts as he watches the television and seems to especially enjoy ball games with plenty of action.

"She likes football, she sits with her ears pricked. I think she'll enjoy the World Cup," he added.

Rolo watches TV



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