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"The Preventive Vet" Needs Help Keeping Pets Out of E.R.

Dr. Jason Nicholas has written two books. His Indiegogo campaign will get them published.

 |  Oct 2nd 2012  |   0 Contributions

You might have come across veterinarian Jason Nicholas' website, The Preventive Vet, in your first forays into pet parenthood. Bringing a puppy home is much like bringing a baby into the world, and you might not realize that many things innocuous to you could pose a serious threat to a curious canine. The Preventive Vet offers a wealth of potential life-saving advice, tips, and tricks, because as the old Ben Franklin saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." And considering the rising costs of vet bills, preventing an accident from happening can benefit your bank account in addition to saving the life of your pet.

However, when those pet emergencies do occur, Nicholas is right there with you, offering a free emergency and disaster guide for pets. Nicholas' willingness to provide his knowledge for free speaks to his deep love of animals and keeping pets and their humans together for as long as possible.

Nicholas has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money so he can publish his preventive care in two books -- one for dogs and another one for cats. He seeks $15,000 to realize his dream. The books are already written, and the money will ease the burden of production costs, allowing more books to reach the hands of responsible and caring pet parents like you.

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An example of what the illustrations for the book will look like. Illustration by Chuck Gonzales

But there's some urgency here: There's only a little more than a day left for Nicholas to reach his goal. He is just short of $13,000, and if the total $15,000 is not met, Nicholas will receive none of the money. It's all or nothing, and we've got the power to make this much-needed resource a reality.

So let's do what we can to help Jason help us -- it's ultimately a contribution to the health and happiness of our much beloved and sometimes quite mischievous companion animals, and isn't that priceless? Nicolas is offering rewards for those who can contribute at varying levels. Among them is a heartfelt rendition of your pet, and even a chance for your dog or cat to make it into the pages of his books.

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Among the rewards Nicholas offers contributors is this high tech pet tag. If a dog is lost, the tag can be scanned with a smartphone and links to the owners' contact information at

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This t-shirt is another thing offered to contributors.

To find out more about Nicholas' Indiegogo campaign, click here. If you can't afford to contribute, pass this post on to your fellow animal lovers -- it all helps!


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